Yesterday was a tough day. No point pretending it wasn’t.

I’d had my first post-treatment scan and this was when I’d hear the results. While still recovering from my unusually bad reaction to my last chemo session.

That – and my health in general – was a key subject for discussion with my oncologist, Dr Stancliffe. But on this occasion she couldn’t give me good news.

The tumours on my liver – the ones that threaten my health most directly – have actually got worse. The ones on my lungs are more or less stable. As is Boris himself. But it’s clear that this first round of treatment hasn’t achieved anything like what we hoped for.

I was disappointed. Bitterly disappointed. If you take the negative view, it looks as though everything I’ve been through over the past months was for nothing.

But there is another way to look at it.

As we’ve seen all too clearly in Ukraine this year, the first enemy attack is hard to stop. You’re unprepared. You may not have the right equipment – and even if you do, it may not be in the right place. And they have the advantage of surprise.

But as we’ve also seen, that can change once you know what you’re up against. And you know what works, and what doesn’t.

So the first round of chemo didn’t deliver. There was no way of knowing that without trying it. And we’re absolutely not out of options here. For round two, we’ll try something different. (Which may even have the fringe benefit of letting my hair and beard grow back… so I can’t complain… ūüėČ) And if that doesn’t work, we’ll try something else again. Until we find something that does. And when we do, we’ll have the Patriot batteries we need to bring down Boris’s cruise missiles.

So – yes, I’m worried that the liver cancer, perhaps the one most dangerous to me in the short term, is getting worse. Obviously. And I’m sincerely hoping that round two can at least stop it where it is, before it begins to affect liver function. (Which it doesn’t seem to be doing at the moment.)

Time to travel hopefully. And hope we arrive at the right solution.