It wasn’t every day I got to write comedy sketches – let alone writing them for a comedian I’ve always hugely admired…!

I was working with an agency specialising in healthcare, and we’d been tasked with preparing a series of training videos for Pfizer. They’d be shown at a major conference for Pfizer reps – and our treatment was to be similar to the one that had been so successful for Norwich Union Healthcare back in the day. In this case my brief was to write eight training videos, each linked to a short sketch illustrating the key training point being made.

But you can imagine my delight when I heard that the comedian who’d be doing the sketches was Harry Hill.

After meeting Tony Slattery on the Healthcare presentation I wasn’t too surprised to find that Harry is a very down-to-earth, sensible and pragmatic man with a careful and thoroughly professional approach to his work. We discussed some possible scenarios for the sketches, and settled on the idea of a sweet shop. (Apparently Harry’s father had owned one!) I had just three days to write the scripts, and I did so with some trepidation. Would they be good enough? And would Harry be OK working with my material?

I needn’t have worried. Harry came back on my first draft with some truly wonderful suggestions, and on the day he turned up with his straight man having learned everything off by heart. The producer had provisionally booked the studio for the whole day, but Harry polished off all the sketches in one morning. A true professional.

And the results were genuinely hilarious, as you can see for yourself on my YouTube playlist!

‘A Mars bar? Certainly, sir, but you may have to wait a bit. We’ve just had this batch in from Germany and if you look here you can see there’s a bit of a problem with the roof struts. I’ll have that fixed in about – oh – six weeks…?’

At the conference itself, there was an unexpected bonus. Harry turned up on the last night and did a stand-up routine for the assembled delegates.

Wish I’d been there!