Chemo days are often challenging – but I have to admit that my last session of the current series really took the biscuit. Not to mention the rest of the tea set. And possibly the dinner service as well…

Let’s just say it was an organisational nightmare

It didn’t help that poor Rosemary is having her own issues – including that worrying danger sign, blood in her poo. In fairness our local health centre responded promptly by booking her in for a colonoscopy – whose joys and woes I have already experienced

Annoyingly, however, she was likely to be awaiting collection, in a somewhat dreamy, post-anaesthetic state, in Ipswich.

Just as I was due to arrive at the Day Unit at West Suffolk Hospital – in Bury St Edmunds.

And – in theory – neither of us would be fit to drive after our treatments. 

Oh. What. Fun.

Cue our lovely Hitcham support team, who came up trumps with offers to drive us, after my increasingly desperate attempts to secure taxis had completely failed. But even then we weren’t done. Because soon after I’d called in to confirm my attendance I had a call back from the Day Unit.

‘We’re a bit concerned about your phosphate levels. Could you come in as soon as possible?’

Well – erm – tricky, that. Given that I was just heading out of the door to drive Rosemary to her appointment…

‘OK. Erm. Fine. Be there as soon as I can, but it won’t be much before 11.30. Is that OK?’

Apparently it was – and I did indeed manage it, with huge thanks to our friend Hilary England.

And – ironically – almost as soon as she got me there we had a call from Ipswich to say that Rosemary was out and ready for collection. Two hours earlier than expected.

Hilary – bless her – went straight off to collect her while I waited to see what would happen to me. Would I get my chemo – and maintain the timetable I’d been creating for a possible trip to Denmark? Or would it have to be delayed?

It was a long wait for a blood test, and a long wait for the result. But my phosphate levels were rising – so yes, I could have my chemo. And look forward to a lift home from another good friend, Simone Beadle.

Rosemary’s news? Mostly good. They’d found a polyp which was probably responsible for the bleeding – but she hadn’t managed to get her bowel completely empty, so they’d need to do a second scan… (Oh no, not all that again!)

Somewhat optimistically, I’d booked us in that evening for a performance of Wyrd Sisters by our local amateur group, the Stowmarket Operatic and Dramatic Society. Which we did attend (since I felt well enough to drive by then) and which finished our day with smiles and laughter. Thanks to them for putting a very acceptable coda on a very trying day!