My name is Allan Scott, and I’m a writer. Have been since the age of… oh… about four and a half.

Writing is what I always wanted to do, and I’ve had a very enjoyable life doing it. I have three published novels, a clutch of non-fiction books, hundreds of online posts and dozens of video scripts to my credit. (If that’s the word I’m looking for…)

I always wanted to get married, too, though that took a little longer. Happily, at the time of writing, I’ve been with my wonderful wife Rosemary Muntus for close on 33 years.

I love music – all kinds of music – and I particularly love performing it. My life changed when I discovered that my fairly passable skills as a recorder player were transferable to a whole range of amazing period instruments. It changed again when I discovered that with a little work, my acceptable singing voice could become an instrument that might actually be worth listening to. And it changed for a third time when I discovered historical re-enactment (and Rosemary).

Regrets? Almost none. Where I’ve made mistakes in my life (and who hasn’t?) I’ve done my level best to learn from them – and, when I could, to repair any harm I brought to anyone else.

I’m a Catholic by upbringing (and, eventually, by choice) but I have a very simple faith. I try to imagine what Christ would do in any given situation. And, where possible, that’s what I do. I have a harder time with the additional bells and whistles, but I think the essentials are what matter. So, like my father (and Graham Greene) I’m really a ‘sort of’ Catholic.

My agenda? Simple. To live the best life I can, for as long as I can, doing as much good as I can. Until I can’t do any more. And have as much fun as I can doing it.