So – there I was in the loo on Ward F5 at West Suffolk Hospital, talking to my good mate Rob Dunger about stomas on his DisCOVERability show.

Not the most congenial spot for an interview, but it was just a few days after my bowel surgery, the ward was full of noisy visitors, and I needed somewhere I wouldn’t be disturbed…!

Despite the circumstances I think Rob did a great job. We first met a while back through a mutual friend, Lisa Tyte, when I did a Zoom interview talking about ME. (Yes, I’ve had that as well, and went through a seven-year battle before I even started seeing the back of it.) I knew Rob would be an effective and sympathetic interviewer, and he absolutely was. You can hear the result on this link: 

How did I feel about it? Fine. We had a good laugh despite the seriousness of the subject matter, and Rob – while clearly saddened by what was happening to me – kept it all together beautifully.

As a result of the interview I also introduced him to my friend Jasper, who had already done so much to help me deal with the inevitable trauma surrounding a stoma op. Jasper is a wonderful example to all of us of a man who has taken on that trauma and completely aced it – he lives a full, active and fulfilling life and enjoys his young son’s amusement at the fact that Daddy ‘has a whoopee cushion in his tummy’.

Yup, stoma farts are something else. There’s an old Viking proverb that ‘each man loves the smell of his own fart’. From my experience I’d say you can have too much of a good thing…